The Game of Digital Reduction

This project began as a series of "Dropped Insertions" performed spontaneously and anarchically across the cityscape. The lives of everyday customers and bystanders were disrupted through a tractitional injunction that placed biological reproduction in the face of common escape.


Digits were produced through a communal process of aggregation. Prints were designed and outgrafted from former sculptie processes. A PCR was run to determine the quantity of ribs that formed the outer shell. Bugs in excrescence.

Procedural Interpellation:

The designs were outsourced to a factory where parts and quality control obtained a 4 star rating or greater. This was in order to comment on the great lack of humanity in office work, telephony and anything using hands. By using foreigns hands the causal framework of identity was put into radical dejuxtaposition, and the deconstructed constructor was laid bare as teleological synthesis.


The first was accompanied by two green lines and a red line that was smaller (Fig. 6). As illustrated in the diagram, the digit colour harshly contrasts with the gleaming blue of the knit weave mat placed immediately below the finger specimen. The distance between the green lines was recorded in comparison with the smaller red line.

Figure 6: Two green lines are accompanied by a red line, which is slightly smaller and not quite at the same angle of deflection.

The green analysand can be seen at 10 million X magnification in the speculative micrograph below (Specimen 9.4). Radically discoloured fingers were placed at strategic locations to call into question the existence of liminal idealities as performed within microbiological clumps. Data was recorded strictly in association without abnegating the influence of the colour.

Specimen 9.4: Green Giant Reduction on cellular cladistics

Funding was obtained from the Frozen Pea Company sponsored through the New Forms Festival and performed throughout the week. Hands occurred incidentally throughout the performance.