Community and the Tools of Knowledge


Community and the Tools of Knowledge presents an introduction to the concepts and practice of science when it is brought into a more communal and democratized space. The hackspace paradigm of a group like the Open Science Network operates as a technological community centre for investigation that is less about exclusivist progression and more about education and access to more common modes of experimentation and research. Taking a panoramic view from the ideas of laboratory researchers like Hans Rheinberger and Erwin Chargaff, to clinician-thinkers like Ludwik Fleck and Georges Canguilhem, to philosophers of science like Isabelle Stengers, Ernst Cassirer and Gaston Bachelard, an intellectual and practical history will be offered that travels from pre-classical forms of science and technology to contemporary models, with attention to how knowledge implementation has evolved in our post-industrial world. Finally a number of examples will be given of current science hackspace activities, along with an invitation to help create new projects via The Open Science Network, our community lab space hosted at the Maker Labs in Vancouver.

This quarterly meetup series is focused on highlighting educational projects facilitated by local teachers, museum staff, coders, librarians, artists, hackspace members and enthusiasts across Vancouver, followed by brainstorming, food and hacking. This talk is sponsored by British Columbia Institute of Technology where The Open Science Network will be collaborating with the Maker Education Salon and the BCIT Student Association's Career Cafe.

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