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How To Dress For Your Body Type Mens Fashion Tips
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How To Dress For Your Body Type Mens Fashion Tips

Finding the right clothes that properly fit and flatter your body type can seem like a daunting task. However, knowing a few key tips on how to dress for your specific body shape can make getting dressed easier and help boost your confidence. Whether you have a slender, athletic, stocky, or plus size frame, implementing some simple fashion strategies will have you looking stylish in no time.

How To Dress For Your Body Type Mens Fashion Tips

Determine Your Body Type

The first step to dressing well is identifying your body shape. Men typically fall into one of four main somatotype categories:

  • Ectomorph – Slender and lean with little muscle mass or body fat
  • Mesomorph – Athletic and muscular with broad shoulders and narrow hips
  • Endomorph – Stocky with a soft, round body and tendency to gain weight
  • Plus Size/Big & Tall – Above average weight and height

Once you determine which description best matches your build, you can use that insight to select clothes that accentuate your natural attributes.

Fashion Tips For Ectomorph Body Types

If you have an ectomorphic body that lacks much definition, the key is to add visual interest. Try incorporating these style suggestions:

  • Wear structured garments like blazers, tailored coats, and fitted button-down shirts to add shape to a slender frame
  • Choose tops with eye-catching details around the neckline, shoulders or sleeves
  • Select pants that are slim cut to showcase your lean legs
  • Experiment with layers like cardigans, lightweight jackets and patterned scarves
  • Use vertical stripes, long tie knots or shoes with a slight heel to appear taller

Sticking to dark, rich hues can also make ectomorphs look fuller and more substantial. Go for deep shades of blue, green, burgundy or charcoal.

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Fashion Tips For Mesomorph Body Types

Mesomorphs are fortunate to be naturally athletic with excellent muscle definition. Play up your strong shoulders, chiseled arms and trim middle by incorporating these ideas:

  • Choose slim-fit shirts in breathable fabrics that won’t cling to your sculpted shape
  • Show off your guns with short sleeve henleys, polos or tee shirts
  • Select straight or boot cut jeans to balance out your proportions
  • Draw attention upward with bold prints or patterns on your top half
  • Accentuate your V-shaped torso in a classic pea coat or fitted leather jacket
  • Keep accessories simple to let your formidable frame take center stage

Fashion Tips For Endomorph Body Types

Endomorphic body types that tend to be short and stout should utilize these helpful fashion ideas:

  • Look for jackets, coats and tops cut slightly longer to give the illusion of height
  • Choose versatile dark wash straight leg and relaxed jeans to streamline your shape
  • Select casual button-downs, flannels and polos made with stretch fabrics for better range of motion
  • Stick to solid colors or small prints to avoid looking heavier
  • Wear darker shades like black, charcoal and navy to slim your silhouette
  • Skip bulky accessories and footwear to keep your look balanced

Endomorphs should also be mindful of fit and fabric. Seek out athletic cuts that nip in at the waist to show off your strongest asset.

Plus Size & Big And Tall Fashion Tips

Finding fashionable clothing for plus size and big and tall body types used to be a real challenge. But thanks to more brands expanding their size ranges, it’s now easier than ever to craft stylish looks. Use these helpful plus size and big and tall style suggestions:

  • Look for pieces designed specifically for your body type that factor in extra weight and height
  • Stick to solids and subtle patterns to enhance your shape instead of hides it
  • Select relaxed fits that skim over your frame rather than cling to it
  • Experiment with contrasting colors on top and bottom to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a slimmer core
  • Choose outer layers cut slightly longer to improve proportions
  • Go for dark rinse and boot cut jeans to add height and balance your silhouette
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Having clothes properly tailored and paying attention to fabric stretch can also help plus size and big and tall men achieve a polished look.

Finding The Right Fit

Regardless of your size and shape, fit is essential for looking your best. Follow these general guidelines on achieving optimal fit:

  • Tops and shirts should skim your frame without pulling, gaping or constricting movement
  • Pants should never require a belt to stay up or feel tight in the thighs and seat
  • Jackets and coats should lay smoothly across your shoulders without bunching up
  • Aim for just enough ease to comfortably layer knits and woven underneath
  • Getting pieces professionally tailored goes a long way in achieving an impeccable fit

Take the time to try on various silhouettes and pay attention to how the fabric drapes until you find your perfect match. Investing in quality essentials designed for your specific proportions is truly worth it.

Dressing for your individual body type really does make a difference in how you look and feel. Knowing which cuts, colors and styles to embrace can help you accentuate your best assets. Use the fashion tips outlined here to determine the most flattering fits for your specific shape. With some thoughtful self-assessment and strategic wardrobe additions, you’ll have an arsenal of go-to looks tailored to you.

How To Dress For Your Body Type Mens Fashion Tips

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