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Where Was A Heidelberg Holiday Filmed

Where Was A Heidelberg Holiday Filmed

The 2022 Hallmark movie A Heidelberg Holiday was filmed on location in Heidelberg, Germany. This charming Christmas film tells the story of an American tourist who meets a handsome German while visiting the picturesque city of Heidelberg during the holiday season.

Where Was A Heidelberg Holiday Filmed

Heidelberg, with its cobblestone streets, medieval castle ruins, and iconic Old Bridge spanning the Neckar River, provides a fairy tale-like backdrop for this cross-cultural romantic comedy. Viewers get to vicariously experience the magic of a German Christmas market and the stunning natural beauty of the Heidelberg region.

Filming Locations in Heidelberg

A Heidelberg Holiday takes full advantage of the photogenic sights of Heidelberg. Key locations seen in the movie include:

  • Heidelberg Castle and Castle Garden
  • The Old Bridge (Alte Brücke)
  • Market Square (Marktplatz)
  • Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche)
  • Karlsplatz
  • Hauptstrasse (main shopping street)

Heidelberg Castle and Castle Garden

Heidelberg Castle towers magnificently over the city and the Neckar River below. The ruins of this medieval complex serve as the backdrop for several pivotal scenes. The terraced Castle Garden also features prominently, especially for a romantic moment between the lead characters.

The Old Bridge

The iconic Old Bridge (Alte Brücke) stretches over the Neckar River, providing gorgeous views. In the movie, the bridge is decorated with sparkling lights and Christmas trees for the season. The protagonist crosses the bridge frequently on her adventures across Heidelberg.

Market Square

Heidelberg’s Market Square (Marktplatz) hosts an enchanting Christmas market during the holiday season with vendor stalls selling gifts, ornaments, food, mulled wine, and more. The market’s ice skating rink also serves as an important setting.

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Church of the Holy Spirit

The majestic Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche), right off the main square, dazzles movie-goers with its ornate Gothic architecture and festive holiday lights at night.


Overlooking the Old Bridge, the scenic Karlsplatz offers amazing views and is featured during a romantic carriage ride in the film.


Hauptstrasse, the vibrant main shopping street in the historic old town section of Heidelberg, charms visitors with its colorfully painted buildings housing cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and boutique shops.

Experience the Magic of a Heidelberg Holiday

Through A Heidelberg Holiday, viewers get a taste of what the Christmas season is like in this German town. Sparkling lights adorn the streets while festive music fills the cold air. The Christmas market bustles with activity – children ice skating as their parents sip mulled wine. The romantic backdrop makes it easy to see how the movie’s lead characters fell in love during this most wonderful time of the year.

Those longing to experience a European Christmas in real life can travel to Heidelberg to enjoy the same Yuletide sights and activities seen in the film. Wandering through the Christmas market, gazing upon the illuminated castle ruins, crossing the bridge with snowflakes falling – these moments create lifelong magical memories.

Heidelberg exudes charm year-round but seems especially enchanting during the holidays. No wonder the filmmakers chose this location to bring the storybook quality of A Heidelberg Holiday to vivid life.

Behind-the-Scenes Filming Details

The cast and crew of A Heidelberg Holiday flew to Germany specifically to shoot on location in Heidelberg in November 2021. Filming took place over the course of about three weeks to capture all the critical scenes and settings.

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In interviews, the actors described the joy and challenge of shooting key moments outdoors through cold German nights. The production team incorporated the decorated holiday market stands into various shots but also constructed some additional kiosks. Local extras were hired to play vendors and shoppers, adding authenticity.

For interior shots, the filmmakers utilized the historic Hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg located right near Market Square. They decorated the dining spaces and guest rooms appropriately for the Christmas season. The iconic façade of the hotel building appears in exterior scenes as well.

The end result combines both evocative location footage and artful set design to fully render the Yuletide atmosphere of Heidelberg on screen.

Planning Your Own Heidelberg Holiday

Like the movie’s protagonist, you can embark on your own romantic Christmas holiday in Germany by planning a trip to Heidelberg. Here are some tips:

  • Travel in late November through December to experience the Christmas markets, lights, and festive spirit.
  • Book a room at a historic hotel property like the Hotel Ritter with seasonal décor and old-world ambiance.
  • Wander through the Christmas market to shop, eat, drink mulled wine, and enjoy live music.
  • See the sights lit up at night like the Old Bridge, Church of the Holy Spirit, and Heidelberg Castle.
  • Stroll hand-in-hand down Hauptstrasse to explore the little shops and cafés.

With its cobblestone charm, holiday magic, and romantic views, Heidelberg at Christmastime creates the perfect backdrop for your own storybook love story. The only thing missing might be your own handsome German tour guide!

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